Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why buy a custom built classical guitar?

Interview with Lee:

1. Why do you believe in hand made guitars over factory produced guitars?

Lee: They're better. I enjoy being a part of the building process itself, from the wood selection to the tuners. There's something spiritual in the idea that a guitar is being hand crafted for my exclusive use. It's a very personal and deep thing for me to play an instrument that someone put their heart into making.

2. How do you decide what style of guitar you want built?

Lee: I prefer the old-school, smaller-bodies guitars like Torres and Hauser. To me, they embody everything I love about classical guitars.

3. How long are you willing to wait for a handmade instrument and is it worth the extra cost?

Lee: I am willing to wait indefinitely if I know it's going to be built with love by a skilled master luthier. It is absolutely worth the extra cost. Why? If you heard one, you'd know!

4. What luthiers have you worked with in the past?

Lee: Steve Ganz and Federicco Sheppard.

5. How many hand made guitars is enough?

Lee: Never enough! LOL

Catch the blog post from Steve Ganz on the deluxe Sundog he's building: